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Long time, no see!!

long time no see!

Its been a long time since ive posted on here....hoping to get back into it; It seems I can facebook update no problem, but remembering to post on a blog at the moment is all too much!

Anyhoo, thought id let you know about the new venture that Made in the Highlands is getting involved in:

he first 'virtual creative adventure' for Made in the Highland. Welcome to our online auction. Bidding for products Made in the Highlands goes live at the beginning of February and ends on the 16th of February.

Click on image of artwork / product above to commence bidding.

Highest bid will win and agreement with Artist... / Designer ca...n be drawn into following end of bidding. This event has been set up to support the handmade creatives in the Highlands of Scotland and as a platform to promote individual artists, designers and craftspeople to the Facebook audience.

Should you wish to partake in this auction, please contact Made in the Highlands via:

to show your interest or ask any further questions.

Please note:

*The seller assumes responsibility for the completion of the sale. An advisable final sale agreement would be via a listing on sellers personal website or other craft sales site such as or, but this is the sellers responsibility to list or discuss with buyer.
*The buyer is responsible for the the final fee agreed via buyer and seller.
*It is expected that all sellers will have their own insurance to cover the sale of any products they add to the virtual auction. It is the sellers responsibility to ensure this.
*Made in the Highlands promote the incentive of the seller offering a small percentage of their sales to a charity of their choice, should they sell via the Made in the Highlands Virtual auction. If you wish to promote your charitable cause, please do so via your original listing information. It is the sellers responsibility to act on this promise.
*As a seller, this auction is free. Please promote Made in the Highlands by any means you have. This will promote us, but ultimately promote your own business. Please feel free to add any links you have to your own Facebook page or websites.
*All items listed must be Handmade by the seller. Seller assumes responsibility to adhere to this clause.
*Made in The Highlands reserves the rights to remove any listings that they feel are inappropriate or unsuitable to the target audience. Please be aware of this when listing.

Just received the most wonderful owl softie from the lovely Emma Jane Milburn ! Thank you and you have made my day, creative lady! xx

Ive been having problems with my PC recently and have lost my embroidery software!!!!! Hopefully this will rectify my lack of new designs into embroidery....Watch this space!

I found this great video from Benji Davies and Jim Field.

Year of the Rabbit from Frater on Vimeo.

Anyone out here got some Rabbit themed products they would like to share with us?