Well, having been asked to contribute to the new blog, 'Sunshine Soup Girls' which is a:
North East based female
community. We share ours views,
thoughts and
creative ideas about

everything and anything we fancy.

So, here is my first contribution to this exciting new venture.

What sunshine means to me..........

Sunshine means getting up early!

Opening the blinds and realizing the sun is shining dictates my day. All things can change if its wonderful outside! First of all ill get dressed; something cool and relaxing. Then the boys; the ‘ooooh shoos’ come out.

Might have to stop here and explain ‘ooooh shoos’ is what ‘Crocs’ have been renamed in our house – no idea why, but I know where it came from – Canada 2006 – My oldest (my youngest was just a twinkle in my eye…says my oldest – try to explain that phrase to a little one…mmmmm) couldn’t say the word ‘shoes’ and only ever wanted to wear his crocs, which he swiftly renamed crocs ‘ooooh shoos’ – no link, no reasoning, but if you have children, you will probably get the randomness of their early words!! Well ‘ooooh shoos’ stuck, and even now we, call Crocs ‘ooooh shoos’….It has now become one of the words that when my boys are old enough to realise its really not the correct term for these wonderful shoes that never get dirty, scoffed etc, I will cry my eyes out when they call them the ‘Crocs’ for real.

‘ooooh shoos’

Anyway, back to sunshine – well ‘ooooh shoos’ certainly are one reminiscent element of sunshine. The others are probably:

The Park – Backpack and bucket and spade in tow, off we go – Three hours is never enough for the boys. I can chill, get an ice cream, if I’m lucky, read a few pages of a book and have lunch all in one place as the boys expel their boundless energy, get dirty (nothing better than two scruffy boys to tell you they have had a good time!)

Tynemouth – Weekends and sun dictate this! Take a look round the market; get a load of sandwiches and cakes from the bakery and to the beach or the priory for (another) chill out day with the boys and friends…..This is even a dead cert in bad weather, omitting the beach bit sometimes!

The boys at Tynemouth 2009

The Garden – There’s nothing better on a sunshine packed day than getting all the toys out, filling things with water and chilling (that word again). The mess of a garden that I have ensures hours of fun – Playing on the swings, slide trampoline, paddling pool, sand pit, etc…when that’s exhausted the ‘man/child-made obstacle course will entertain for at least an hour….All the while, Im ‘Chilling’…

Hey, a pic of my garden that doesn't look messy!

The predominant word here seems to be ‘Chilling’. This is probably because, the sun seems to be the only time I do nothing – Usually I'm so busy with all the usual goings on with life that like I said in my opening sentence the sun shining dictates my day – It is probably the only time that, if I can, we drop plans and just go with it!