Made in Newcastle

'Made in Newcastle' are pleased to announce that Made in Newcastle will be launching on the Saturday 10th July at 1.30pm - 6pm!
For the big event we've got a host of exciting activities planned:

A catwalk fashion show starting at 2pm showcasing the innovative and inspiring work of the MiN collective's designers and makers. This will offer a sneak preview of the wonderful work in store.

A doodle jam to which YOU, yes YOU and any other inspiring creatives in Newcastle are invited to collaborate in, by adorning the back wall of the MiN cafe area with your beautiful doodlely artwork. Thus creating a glorious joint mural using the collaborative efforts of artists, creatives, crafties and anyone else, for all to enjoy! There will be a theme TBC.

A giant swap to which visitors and MiNnies can bring an item to for someone else to take away and enjoy. Details TBC and will be posted on the blog.

Please tell your friends, family, strangers (if you feel the need) and generally go forth and spread the word that MiN is coming to toon.

Well, having visited the Foundation shows at Newcastle College tonight, I have to share:
They were fantastic!! Some really interesting work out and about.

Thank you to Laura Cranston for reminding me of the correct day!! It was well worth the trip out...even took my oldest with me and I'm sure, if you look very carefully, you will see a face peeking out of some of the pics!

So many pictures and so many people to mention, I think the best thing to do is just paste a range of the pictures below.

If your work is pictured and no name is provided next to your artwork, please comment and I will add it and link to any website you may have your work showing or being promoted on...

Folksy friday

Well OK, Sunday, but who's counting!

take a look at a few of my fellow Craft Mafia members who are selling on Folksy...

Drop into their shops and purchase your very own NCM product via Folksy

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