Newcastle Craft Mafia
The Newcastle Craft Mafia is a collective of creative, crafty and artistic businesses joined together with the common goal of informing, making, doing, networking, supporting and having lots of fun doing all of the above.

Photo taken from our first meeting at Great Coffee

Created in June 2009, our crafty community contains the creative brain power of textile artists, jewellery designers, print designers, makers of bags and bunnies, customized retro wear and pattern makers. Handmade is so IN right now and we are here to present to you handmade goodness and eye candy in many forms.

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We are currently recruiting new members to the family. Interested in joining? Read on, sistas and brothas to find out more.

Being part of the family has great perks. Here are just a few of the things you can expect from being part of the family:

Monthly networking events to meet other local makers
Members only newsletter
Cross promoting businesses
Links on the mafia website, as well as shared links with other crafty websites
Make & Show Workshops
Crafty Training Sessions (teaching your craft and learning from others)
Craft Mafia stalls at local craft fairs

Does this sound super fabulous to you? Please email Newcastle Craft Mafia HQ at to join.