Ideas for a birthday fit for a superhero?

A 'Supertastic' birthday party

What to do for a little boys birthday???

What shall I do for Finlay's Birthday? We always said we would have it the latter end of January so Christmas was far enough out of the way and near enough to Faolan's birthday forthem to have a joint one....but now Im getting a bit freaked...what will i do for it...

Options are:
  1. Train Party -soo expensive, but going to have a look - might be the easier option, but will i feel a bit bad that a limited effort has been made?
  2. Soft play party - mmmm, really not sure!
  3. Party in the house - Urrrggghhhh - love the idea, not sure if I want to deal with the mess....but could be a superhero fab would that be - a few blogs that got me thinking about this idea further....imagine the kids getting a superhero kit to make up....
They could print a name / print / emblem on to a cape using potato printing???? OOOHHHH!

Maybe i could mix the two....A Train super-hero, that is maybe appealing to me a bit this space....popping to Tanfiled railway tomorrow to see what is on offer.....